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ISAR 2022 - COVID policy

All attendees, speakers, vendors, volunteers, and staff are required to show proof of vaccination when arriving at the conference registration. Either:
1) Provide a vaccination card or verification through a government (national/state/local) website or app.  OR
2) Provide a negative COVID result from a test taken within 72 hours of arriving at registration.
If you arrive at the conference with neither proof of vaccination nor proof of a negative COVID test, you will not be allowed to access your registration materials, or to participate in the conference, until one of the required items are produced. No refunds will be given at the door.
ISAR will comply with all governmental guidelines. If a national, state, or local regulation changes to, for example, a requirement that all attendees be vaccinated, then it will not be possible to offer the option of a negative Covid test result without vaccination.
If you have registration questions, please contact the ISAR 2022 Conference Registrar,
Courtney Blair at or (206)717-4662

BANQUET TICKETS – Conference registration DOES NOT INCLUDE the Banquet. Banquet tickets always sell out, so reserve early.

WORKSHOPS AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS – Workshops and ISAR Certification Programs are not included in the conference registration and must be purchased in addition to registration.

ONE-DAY CONFERENCE TICKETS – One-Day Tickets do not include conference recordings.

CANCELLATION FEES – Cancellation fees for the Main Conference and workshops apply as of October 18, 2021. Please refer to the pricing guide above. Note that there are no refunds after July 15, 2022. Individual Medical and/or Travel/VISA Emergencies Will Be Reviewed On a Case-By-Case Basis.

CONFERENCE BADGES/IDs – Your conference badge/ID is your access pass to events you have purchased (workshops, training classes, etc.) and all main conference events. Lost badges are the responsibility of the registered attendee and you will be charged a $5 Handling Fee for a replacement badge.

RESELLING REGISTRATIONS AND TICKETS – ISAR, INC., will not allow the purchase of conference registrations, workshops, training classes, testing sessions, and/or banquet tickets and then reselling those items to other attendees at higher prices than the original purchase price.

Conference Pricing And Fee Change Schedule

REGISTRATION FEESStart DateEnd DateISAR MembersNon- Members
MAIN CONFERENCE ONLYFuture Rate Changes midnight ETAll rates USDAll rates USD
Earlybird ISAR Members OnlyOct 18, 2021Nov 18, 2021$360N/A
First DiscountNov 19, 2021Jan 15, 2022$375$405
Second DiscountJan 16, 2022Apr 15, 2022$405$435
Third DiscountApr 16, 2022Jul 15, 2022$435$465
Final PriceJuly 16, 2022At Door$465$495
NEW FOR ISAR!Main conference registrants, who attend the conference, will receive access to all recorded main conference lectures at no additional charge.
Main Conference Cancellation Policy
*$100 cancellation fee up to Jul 15, 2022, no refund after Jul 15, 2022
WORKSHOPSWorkshops are not included in the registration fee.
Earlybird ISAR Members OnlyOct 18, 2021Nov 18, 2021$95N/A
First Discount LevelNov 19, 2021Jan 15, 2022$115$130
Second Discount LevelJan 16, 2022Apr 15, 2022$115$130
Third Discount LevelApr 16, 2022Jul 15, 2022$115$130
Final Price Jul 16, 2022At Door$135$150
ONE-DAY TICKETOct 18, 2021Jul 15, 2022$135$155
ONE-DAY TICKETJuly 16, 2022At Door$150$170
Day Pass Cancellation Policy**Single day passes do not include access to conference audio

*$100 cancellation fee up to Jul 15, 2022, no refund after Jul 15, 2022
BANQUET & ENTERTAINMENTThe Banquet is not included in the registration fee.
Choice of Chicken, Fish or VeganOct 18, 2021Jul 15, 2022$60$60
July 16, 2022At Door$66$66
Banquet Cancellation Policy
*$20 cancellation fee up to Jul 15, 2022, no refund after Jul 15, 2022
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