CAPISAR Certification - ISAR 2022

Welcome to the registration and payment form to take any or all the CAPISAR Certification exams and training needed for ISAR Certification at the in-person ISAR 2022 Conference in Westminster, Colorado in August 2022.

CAPISAR aims to foster professionalism by empowering astrologers from all over the world to strive for excellence and to assure potential clients that they are receiving the best possible astrological service. We provide opportunities for Ethics Awareness, Consulting Skills and the Competency exam in astrological knowledge and practice through ISAR conferences, local events and affiliated astrology schools. Additionally, we assess strengths in particular areas of astrology through our electives requirements. To this end, we certify and promote professional astrologers to ensure their skills meet the highest standards.

All exams and training are in English

Ethics Awareness Training and Exam – $150
In this course you’ll study ISAR’s Code of Ethics and explore the ethical dimension of professional astrology. This module and its exam are required to earn CAP certification. The Ethics Awareness course is the cornerstone of CAPISAR’s certification program. Based on ISAR’s Ethical Standards and Guidelines, it prepares you to practice astrology with a solid understanding of your ethical obligations and aligns our field’s standards with those of other professions.

Consulting Skills Training – $350
This experiential training teaches a repertoire of skills that makes working with astrology clients personal and more effective.  

Due to the nature of the consulting relationship, we are placed in the position of giving information and insight regarding the client’s concerns. Listening can become a secondary activity when there is so much astrological information to convey. This training puts the client in the center of the consulting relationship, allowing the session to tune into the client’s thoughts and feelings. A client-centered approach and an information-centered approach are stylistically different modes that can coexist in an astrological consultation. Both are valid approaches and styles, and the goal of this training is to give you the techniques to recognize and alternate between the two.

Competency Exam – $195
Those seeking to be a CAP (Certified Astrological Professional) must demonstrate competence in astrology by passing a rigorous exam.

It is an open-book test and you can use whatever texts or materials you think you will need, but it is timed. Questions are a combination of true/false, multiple choice, short-answer, and in-depth essay. The exam covers many areas: history of astrology, an understanding of the various applications of astrology, basic astronomy as applied to astrology, symbolism, knowledge of chart calculations, forecasting skills including secondary progressions, return charts, transits, eclipses and lunations, synastry and relationships including chart comparison, family patterns, miscellaneous relationships and group dynamics.


Consulting Skills
Sunday, Aug 21, 6 pm – 9 pm
Monday, Aug 22, 9 am – 6 pm
Tuesday, Aug 23, 9 am – 6 pm
Two Rooms – Long’s Peak and Flatirons

Ethics Awareness Training and Exam
Thursday, Aug 25, 9 am – 12 pm, One Room – Waverly

Competency Exam 
Monday, Aug 29, 9 am – 4 pm, One Room – Waverly

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